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    Top Design Essentials For Your Travel Agency Business Card

    Whether its pilgrims/holy journeys or organizing Euro trips for entire Emirati families, travel agencies are the busiest companies in the UAE, come vacation time! The kids are off from school, the men and women have paid holidays remaining, and the weather is ideal for travel!

    In a region where residents are often traveling, people often share business cards of travel companies they chose for their vacation, and they're happy with! You may be one of the best but the business card for your travel agency in the UAE may need some considerations to help you compete with competitors!

    Essential elements for travel agency business card design

    Opt for the most reputable companies with the best business cards printing in Dubai has to offer and they're bound to end up getting exchanged more than ever! You work on the service while printing provider work on high-quality business card printing to help you out!

    Read on to know some essential design components for your travel business card:

    Essential elements for your travel agency business card design:

    When it comes to designing your travel agency business card, there are specific designs elements that you need to focus on if you want to jet your way ahead of your competitors. Read on to know which minor design elements need modifications you need to make for a significant impact in terms of clients:

    Card Content:

    • Logo and tagline - The most essential information that should be on your card. Make it catchy; make it high-quality and make it beautiful!
    • Your name and title of job - Give the client something they can initiate their conversations with.
    • Contact information -  Make it possible for them to get to you.
    • Website (but not your homepage) - Send your clients to the page with a purpose. For travel agencies, the most important page is probably the "book my flight" page, and your card should contain the link to the same.
    • Social media pages - It’s all about social media today which is why your social media page should be on your card too!


    When talking about business cards for travel agencies, the first thing that comes to mind is "relaxation". Choose colors that help relax your mind. Choose colors that abundantly appear in nature such as blues, greens, browns, and whites (if you're thinking basic).

    Choose colors that are bright enough to be eye-catching but also subtle enough to not make your viewers cringe!


    Business cards today are merely what they were a few decades back. Today it's all about catching the customer's eyes first, even if it means altering the shape of the card. However, the whole purpose of a business card is to keep it in the wallet!

    This is reason enough to opt for shapes that fit neatly into the wallets or pockets. Opt for round corner travel business cards as they fit better, and has no bent corners!    

    Special effects

    For double sided business cards: if you’re using the name and slogan on one side, opt for embossed business card or if you want to go metallic opt for foil business card to make the lettering of your company’s name dominant.

    High-quality printing

    The design elements aren't just the only factors that contribute towards a large customer base. Opt for the cheap business cards printing Dubai has to offer and ensure that your printed product is as good the vacation you'll plan for your customers; Effortless, mesmerizing and enthralling!

    Print away!

    Design and printing go hand in hand when it comes to creating the perfect travel business cards! Opt for the design elements above and hire the best printing company in the region and you can rest assured that holiday goers are going to opt for your services only!


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